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Welcome to our second web site!

Vintage Windmill Parts List.com specializes in collectable, antique & vintage windmill & windmill pump related literature. We offer FREE immediate access PDF downloads for most post WWI windmills including Aermotor, Baker, Challenge, Currie, Demming, Dempster, Eclipse, Elgin, Fairbanks-Morse, Fairbury, Flint & Walling, Heller-Aller, I.X.L, Monitor, Red Jacket, Samson-Stover, Tahern, Wonder, Woodmanse as well as several others.
Our library also contains items related to more rare and obscure windmills like the Ace, Air King, Althouse-Wheeler, Axtell, Alston, Appleton-Goodhue, Beatty Pumper, Bell Hub Aermotor, Boss Vaneless, Brantford, Buchanan, Butler, Champion, Clipper, Corcoran, Dandy, David Bradley, Decorah, Diamond, Double Power Mill, Duplex, Enterprise, Freeman, Gem, Giant, Gold-Shapley & Muir, Horicon, Halladay, Ideal, Imperial, Kenwood, Kirkwood, Leader, Mast Foos, Manvel, Maud, Metters, 
Montgomery Ward, New May, OK Solid Wheel, Original Star, Ozark, Parish, Peerless, Perkins, Red Cross, Red Star, Rex, Raymond, Southern Cross, Steel Eclipse, Stover, Tucker, U.S. Wind Engine, Wallenbeck, Western, WindEngine 702, Whizz, Xray & Zephyr mills.
We are dedicated to helping others preserve and restore big or small country farm-style windmills. All of our reference library materials are offered as educational tools to assit you in your restoration efforts.
Use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Service Agreement as described on the Our Policies page. Commercial use, reproduction or distribution of these files in any form is forbidden. All files are clearly watermarked to prohibit unauthorized use or distribution. If for any reason you do not feel you can meet the expectations set forth we request you exit our site at once. Thank you.

Vintage windmill parts lists are the best place to start your restoration project. Over time we have collected numerous pieces of windmill and windmill pump literature. These references come in very handy when you are restoring a mill or just want to learn more about it's style of operation or how the manufacturer presented it to the public. We offer immediate access PDF downloads to this large library for FREE unlike other websites offering windmill literature for sale. Our library includes diagrams, parts lists, assembly & maitanence instructions, sales catalogs and trade brochures.
We don't have everything for every windmill ever made, but we do have a sizable collection of material and we are always adding more. See our REFERENCE LIBRARY CONTENT page for an overview list of the windmill literature that will be available through this site once everything currently on hand is posted. We have literature on all the common windmills, windmill pumps & windmill towers as well as material on more obscure mills as listed. For items not yet loaded on this website send us an email request and we'll forward a PDF file in reply.

We have hundreds of pages of vintage Parts Lists,
Diagrams & Trade Literature to choose from.


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