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Windmillers' Gazette Back Issues

Over the last several years we have purchased windmill related portions of estates being sold on behalf of avid windmill collectors. The last such estate we bought was that of the famous windmiller Lester Mishler of Fairbury, NE. Without fail the contents of each of these estates included original issues of the Windmillers' Gazette, a quarterly publication produced by T. Lidsey Baker. As a result we have collected many back issues and now own as many as 5 of each.

The Windmillers' Gazette is a great resource periodical that contains articles about old windmills. Now you can buy these etra back issues for a fraction of their original cost.

We have created a content index or each 5 year publication segment. You can view that index to find the issue you want to buy by clicking on the View Issue Content and Buy links below.

1982-1986 Issues


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1987-1991 Issues


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1992-1996 Issues


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1997-2001 Issues


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Click on the View Issue Content & Buy icon to find the topic you seek information about and to select the application issue you want to buy.

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